About 3 Generations

3 Generations is Jan and Becca (a mother-daughter team), Charlotte and Josephine, Becca’s daughters and jam makers in training, and the official tasters/Quality Assurance for the company.¬† After making jam for 40 years, Jan was encouraged to start selling jams at the Bayview Farmers Market. Becca and her family were in the process of moving back to Washington; the two agreed to go into business and 3 Generations was born!


Jan at the Market


Pete At the Market

phone 08-04-14 135Becca and her family

We feel that using the highest quality fruits, berries and other ingredients is essential to producing a premium product, and we source most of our ingredients locally from Farmers we meet and know on Whidbey Island and in the Skagit Valley, as well as a few good folks east of the Mountains.

3 Generations not only makes all of your favorite classic berry and peach jams, but we also delight in creating jams that are a bit different and unique. Some of our specialty jams that you can look forward to are Peach Ginger, Blueberry Spice, Cranberry Marmalade (made with  cranberries grown in Washington), Fig and Strawberry Rhubarb.

Each week we will be at the markets selling all the classic flavors of jam, fruit syrups, and one or two of our Specialty Jams. Come by each week for a taste of the Specialty of the week and a peek at the specialty items that are coming up, or just to say hi!